2020 Riots By The Numbers*

1 Billion +

Economic Cost

145 +

Cities Effected




LEOs Injured

A Vehicle for Challenging Times

Public safety is at the forefront of every decision made by our nation’s law enforcement agencies.  Despite a seemingly unending narrative to the contrary, our police officers take seriously their oath to protect our communities.  In order to best serve their cities, law enforcement is constantly searching for better equipment to answer the demands that changing times place on their service.  Enter the Public Safety Rescue 3 (PSR3).  It might be difficult to recall a timelier and more relevant introduction to a piece of technology so perfectly suited to today’s law enforcement needs.  Since the PSR3 was never built as a combat vehicle it has no gun ports or lethal weapon systems common with many “1033”military vehicles.  The PSR3 offers everything needed for public safety in modern policing.   

De-escalation of Deadly Threats

Protection from lethal threats allows time for officers to de-escalate situations that would otherwise require the use of deadly force to resolve.  De-escalation efforts can be conducted with confidence, resulting from the safety of the team responding to our most challenging situations.  A fire suppression system protects the team from incendiary attacks, ballistic protection keeps them safe from small arms fire, and a proprietary camera system records all of the activity for transparency, evidence, and liability purposes.  The PSR3 supports command functions as well, allowing the scene commander to be on the scene securely with no delay in relaying information.

The PSR3 uses a less than lethal water dispersion system to disperse rioters, resulting in less potential injury or lingering effects than the regular options available to an officer such as chemical irritants, ballistic impact rounds, and riot batons.  This de-escalation of force is only possible because of the protection the PSR3 affords the team onboard.

Protection and Mobility

Police officers cannot protect us if they do not have the means to protect themselves.  Exposure to rocks, bottles, fire, and even bullets are real and constant threats in today’s tumultuous environment.  The PSR3 can protect a team of officers from all of these threats while safely moving them to where they are needed.  No other vehicle provides this kind of security, no other vehicle is capable of entering the most dangerous of situations without the need to use deadly force.  This is a game changer in critical response technology and tactics.

No More Watching Our Cities Burn

The Right Tool For The Times

Providing unmatched onboard water storage and foam mixing technology, the PSR3 is capable of suppressing fires that the fire department cannot get to.  It is no longer necessary to leave a city to burn because of the danger of approaching the scene.  The PSR3 is able to bring the team to the fire securely and suppress the fire when it arrives.  The police cannot protect their communities if they cannot get to the scene of the problem.  They cannot properly focus on de-escalating a situation and prioritizing life if their own safety is at risk.  They cannot defend themselves against accusations of wrongdoing captured on video by hostile bystanders (sometimes edited to slant the story) and promoted by bias distribution channels. 

The PSR3 addresses each and every one of these unique challenges.  Whether the mission is to recuse an injured person in the middle of a riot, retrieve a downed officer under threat of gunfire, approach an armed suicidal subject, or immediately extinguish the work of an arsonist during anarchy, the PSR3 is the first choice in considering a response.



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